Friday, 27 November 2015

How You Can Save Money for Further Travels

Yes we all know how hard it is to change our habits! For me, it's the little trips to town which is an hour trip return. Those little trips turn into a stop for coffee and cake, and inevitably quite a bit of overspending on other goodies unnecessary but what I consider essential at the time! But there are ways to save money to add to your travel budget... read on!

How you can save money for further travels - Fifty Plus Travel

Tip 1:
Do it Yourself! Yes, I have been going DYO and online for all accommodation booking, ferries, attraction tickets and the like for many years now to save money. You do need to put aside everything else to trawl through many accommodation sites and I use comparative sites with many booking sites on them like Expedia,, I also use TripAdvisor and travel blogs to get lots of first hand information.

Tip 2:
Go out for dinner infrequently and limit your takeaway meals - this includes coffee! Going for lunch is also a cheaper alternative on the weekends. A lot of working people bring take away coffee with them from town each morning and it all adds up.

Tip 3:
Use cash, I use cash often as you can see exactly what amounts  you are using.

Tip 4:
Price everything at more than one place, ask for deals for cash and deals for more than one item! It is a lot of extra to-ing and fro-ing for research, but can be done online also.

Tip 5:
Use a senior card if you have one. I always ask where ever I go, it doesn't hurt!

Tip 6:
For women especially: cut down on weekly or the monthly magazine intake. For people like me, they can be addictive! From home décor to sustainable living and travel mags of course, you'd be surprised what they all total. Subscriptions can be the way to go as these are cheaper!

Have you got some tips that you can give for saving money to further your travels? Let's hear them and help other travellers!


  1. Perhaps shopping around for cheaper insurance

    1. Thanks Sarah, that's great thinking!Always good to compare prices of services, also electricity, water and health providers!