Monday, 26 January 2015

Daylight robbery!

Why did we fall victim to a robbery on a train from Patras to Athens in broad daylight?  There was only one person, admittedly a large male, on the train when we stood up to get off. We always cover each others backpacks and keep them in sight when travelling. He was very practised and very quick!

Luxury accommodation on board the ferry.

We had come overnight from Brindisi in Italy on the ferry and caught the train on landing in Greece, to go cross country. When buying the tickets, hubby got out his wallet and forgot to return it to his front pocket, easily done when tired! (Our money belts were securely on and I never carry a purse or wallet at all on overseas trips.) As soon as the train departed, and checking everything, we realised the wallet was missing. That horrible feeling comes over you, that feeling of disbelief, then the reality! Hubby had just received cash from the hole in the wall, to pay for the tickets as well! Worse still was the cards we lost, though we always had another with me.

The railway police were terrific, offering us the phone and helping us get through to numbers to cancel cards straight away. First question was, " From Australia! Do you know my cousin in Melbourne?" Surely do! However, we thought it a bit strange when they took us over the busy street to the police station and pointing it out, left us on our own! As our hotel, very budget friendly, was in this slightly run down area, we took our weekenders on wheels with us to get a statement for insurance purposes. Simple you would think? Wrong! It couldn't have been worse. We were holed up on the third floor of that awful cement building in the Athens intolerable heat, for hours of our afternoon. We had no food left, but luckily had water with us. Police officials kept squeezing past us with prisoners in line, in handcuffs... and no detective in that dingy, dark room wanted to bother with our little complaint!

 Finally, some ladies of the night, who were waiting with us on the stairs, took pity on us and through sign language , we managed to see the door open and hubby whipped his head in to get the scrap of paper required! My advice, do not commit a crime in Athens! The incarceration would be awful if our experience was anything to go saying, we had a wonderful time in this foot friendly city walking around the Parthenon and other ruins so close by!

The Parthenon, a spectacular monument to the might of ancient Athens!

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